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How do!
I'm glad you're here. I'm constantly working on the website and I'm happy to have this up and running for those who need info on who I am and what I do. For those who already know me, I have set up a
Booking Info page where you can submit a form which should make for easier bookings and, for those who have just stopped by, welcome, please stop by the Booking Info page before you leave! 

I am an entertainer who loves to entertain and play music. I'm a singer/songwriter who enjoys telling a good story, I guess 'good' is always subjective, and I'm able to customize my performances for any range of age and for any type of subject matter. I also offer music lessons for those who want to be entertained while learning how music is put together. If you do end up at the Booking Info page, let me know in the comment section what type of entertaining and/or musical instruction you are looking for.

I hope to add many of my songs and stories and maybe a few extra special surprises, too, and yes, I will be posting good and bad videos, good and bad photos, and good and bad sentences; on this site, YouTube, and facebook. Someday, when they add another hour to the day, I'll start tweeting. 

I also plan on separating the different categories of entertaining I do. This will make it easier when you leave a comment on the Booking Info page. This will also give an idea of what I have to offer your party or function. Basically, I offer all the entertainment you'll need, well, me and perhaps a bouncy house, some videos of cute talking cats and dogs, and an older couple trying to break-dance without dancing...or breaking. 
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Relaxing by the Shack
Relaxing by the Shack